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EyeLevel Sunglasses

Stay ahead of the game.
Keep your sporting focus with a pair of Eyelevel sunglasses. Sports enthusiasts never want to take their eye off the ball. Concentration is key and that means having the right equipment.

Sunglasses provide vital protective eyewear and Eyelevel products offer invaluable assistance to face that sporting challenge. Whether fishing, golfing, climbing, biking, shooting or enjoying snow sports you’ll feel safe and comfortable. You’ll also look the part, giving that all-important confidence to achieve peak performance. Our essential range of products is extensive. So too is our knowledge and experience to guarantee you choose sunglasses to suit your style.

All Eyelevel polarized sunglasses, overglasses and clip-ons have genuine polarized lens which provide sharper vision in any light condition. This enhances visibility and reduces glare. In addition, they allow you to see below the surface of the water which is essential for fishing and sailing. Polarized lenses are available in six different colours and offer the following benefits:

Brown: Absorbs bright sunlight to keep your eyes from tiring.
Grey: Provides a cooling effect on bright sunny days.
Sports Yellow: Brightens vision on an overcast day.
Amber: Absorbs blue light, providing strong contrast enhancement.
Green: Excels in a variety of light conditions maintaining true colour balance.
Copper: Outstanding for driving, improves contrast.
It is widely recognised that polarized sunglasses provide great benefits both for outdoor sports enthusiasts and wearers for general use. The world looks much better through Eyelevel sunglasses.

Eyelevel Sunglasses conform to European standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013 and American standard ANSI Z80.3. Eyelevel Sunglasses provide comfort in very bright conditions due to our UV400 break resistant lenses which offer maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.


We are a group of people obsessed with designing and making small functional tools that you can carry in your pocket each day. Beer bottle opener, knives, compasses, whistles, LED light, carabiner….you name it! We have great selections that come with a very reasonable price tag.

You can even put logo of your company, your school, your class, your team or your event on most of our products, we accept quantity as low as 100 pcs.

Climb X

Climb X are an American climbing shoe and gear brand. Not only do they produce our own, innovative designs, they have also been hard at work designing and producing gear for global companies for over a decade. Climb X strive to run the most modern climbing gear factory in the world by employing the most skilled professionals in the industry. By offering the people that make your gear excellent pay, health care, recreation and dining services, excellent housing, and environmental services like solar energy, all Climb X gear can be produced with impeccable consistency and quality control. All Climb X shoes are created by in-house design and all life safety gear undergoes rigorous scrutiny to achieve optimised safety and function.

Wherever you climb in the world, we share a common element as climbers; the desire to push boundaries, explore the globe, discover what’s within, and the passion to protect the natural wonders of the planet.

Climb X is devoted toward sustainability and giving back to the global climbing community. Using sustainable organic hemp to line our shoes, creating quality reusable shoe boxes, supporting search and rescue volunteer organizations, and helping low-income youth and climbers in third world countries discover the pursuit of climbing are all ways Climb X gives back. We are climbers


Tendon is a well-known and globally successful brand of static and dynamic ropes and climbing equipment based in the Czech Republic. Although the brand itself is relatively young, Tendon ropes have a strong heritage, being part of the Lanex company which traces its heritage back to the Wisniowski family of rope makers.

Vojtěch Wisniowski and his son Eduard began making ropes in the Ostrava region of Poland in what is now the Czech Republic at the end of the 19th century. After WWII, Eduard Wisniowski-Višňovský decided to start making ropes on a larger scale, and in 1946 he established the Silesian Cordage Mill. Unfortunately this venture was short lived as the factory was nationalised under communist control and made into a stamping and pressing shop.

Undeterred, in February 1949 Eduard Višňovský transferred his business to Bolatice. The Silesian Cordage Mill at Bolatice, as the Višňovský’s factory was called, started production in summer of 1949. Once again however, the factory fell under communist control and on the 1st January 1950, the factory of Eduard Višňovský was incorporated into the state-owned enterprise Konopa. Production increased, then in 1954, Konopa Bolatice was brought under the control of Lýko Olomouc. The new company built a braiding shop where they began to process synthetic fibres.

In 1958 Lýko Olomouc was incorporated into state-owned Juta. Expansion continued and a test laboratory was established, along with new state-of-the-art machines including, in 1989, machinery for the production of mountaineering ropes. In November 1989 the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia collapsed. Juta changed its name to Lanex. Following a period of privatisation, on 1st May 1992 Lanex transformed into Lanex Bolatice, a joint stock company.

Tendon is now one of the leading world manufacturers on the market of mountaineering equipment and personal protective equipment for work at height, for military purposes, and for rescue activities. All Tendon products are developed and produced in the Czech Republic and are certified and in full conformity with international safety standards of the European Union Thanks to our know-how and the long-term cooperation with universities and research institutes as well as to our continuous investing in development and modernization of equipment, we have become a supplier to some of the most demanding clients in the world.


Mr Fancati Domenico, (1913-2013), founded Fizan in 1947. A man of vision, he was the first to produce ski poles in aluminium when steel and bamboo were the normal materials used, the rest as they say is history.

Over the following years, continual investment in technology, research and development has helped Fizan become a world leader within the ski and trekking pole market. Passion for quality and design has kept the company firmly rooted to their origins in Veneto, (one hour from Venice). Over the last 15 years, this passion, heritage and innovation has been led by Nephew Andrea Zaltron.

Our “Made in Italy” production is part of our ethos with regard to caring for the environment, using only the best raw materials in accordance to European standards of quality and safety.

With more than 60 years of experience and millions of ski and trekking poles sold throughout the globe, Fizan products are of the highest quality and reflect our commitment to research, design and innovation. The Fizan Compact 3 is the lightest 3 section pole in the world at 158 grams, however all Fizan poles are extremely lightweight and durable, ensuring a high level of comfort and performance for all walking, trekking and mountaineering adventures


CAMP (Concezione Articoli Montagna Premana) was founded in 1889 in the village of Premana in Northern Italy. Operating from a small workshop, the founder Nicolas Codega manufactured wrought iron products for the local area. He passed his skills onto his son Antonio, who went on to develop ice axes for troops crossing the Alps during WW1.
The drive to move into the mountaineering market came through a connection with the famous alpinist Ricardo Cassin who inspired the development of pitons and nuts, and who’s name was given to the CASSIN brand. By the end of the 1960s C.A.M.P. had fully committed to the manufacture of mountaineering products, and continued to lead the way in product development and innovation.

This tradition of innovation saw CAMP excel in the fast and light mountaineering market, with new developments in the 80’s in aluminium alloys which made it possible to manufacture extremely lightweight mountaineering gear. CAMP continue to specialise in this area and to lead the market in the fast and light field.

At the end of the 1990s CAMP took a century of experience making the best quality mountaineering gear into the industrial safety market, connecting with industries who need personal protective equipment and opening up new markets across the globe.

Today CAMP is proud to export to over 60 countries, and to see the fourth generation of Codega family continuing CAMP’s mission, to be leaders in innovation and development of top end mountaineering and safety equipment, and to have a dedicated relationship with our customers.