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Climb X are an American climbing shoe and gear brand. Not only do they produce our own, innovative designs, they have also been hard at work designing and producing gear for global companies for over a decade. Climb X strive to run the most modern climbing gear factory in the world by employing the most skilled professionals in the industry. By offering the people that make your gear excellent pay, health care, recreation and dining services, excellent housing, and environmental services like solar energy, all Climb X gear can be produced with impeccable consistency and quality control. All Climb X shoes are created by in-house design and all life safety gear undergoes rigorous scrutiny to achieve optimised safety and function.

Wherever you climb in the world, we share a common element as climbers; the desire to push boundaries, explore the globe, discover what’s within, and the passion to protect the natural wonders of the planet.

Climb X is devoted toward sustainability and giving back to the global climbing community. Using sustainable organic hemp to line our shoes, creating quality reusable shoe boxes, supporting search and rescue volunteer organizations, and helping low-income youth and climbers in third world countries discover the pursuit of climbing are all ways Climb X gives back. We are climbers.

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