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tendon ropes

Tendon is a well-known and globally successful brand of static and dynamic ropes and climbing equipment based in the Czech Republic. Although the brand itself is relatively young, Tendon ropes have a strong heritage, being part of the Lanex company which traces its heritage back to the Wisniowski family of rope makers.

Vojtěch Wisniowski and his son Eduard began making ropes in the Ostrava region of Poland in what is now the Czech Republic at the end of the 19th century. After WWII, Eduard Wisniowski-Višňovský decided to start making ropes on a larger scale, and in 1946 he established the Silesian Cordage Mill. Unfortunately this venture was short lived as the factory was nationalised under communist control and made into a stamping and pressing shop.

Undeterred, in February 1949 Eduard Višňovský transferred his business to Bolatice. The Silesian Cordage Mill at Bolatice, as the Višňovský’s factory was called, started production in summer of 1949. Once again however, the factory fell under communist control and on the 1st January 1950, the factory of Eduard Višňovský was incorporated into the state-owned enterprise Konopa. Production increased, then in 1954, Konopa Bolatice was brought under the control of Lýko Olomouc. The new company built a braiding shop where they began to process synthetic fibres.

In 1958 Lýko Olomouc was incorporated into state-owned Juta. Expansion continued and a test laboratory was established, along with new state-of-the-art machines including, in 1989, machinery for the production of mountaineering ropes. In November 1989 the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia collapsed. Juta changed its name to Lanex. Following a period of privatisation, on 1st May 1992 Lanex transformed into Lanex Bolatice, a joint stock company.

Tendon is now one of the leading world manufacturers on the market of mountaineering equipment and personal protective equipment for work at height, for military purposes, and for rescue activities. All Tendon products are developed and produced in the Czech Republic and are certified and in full conformity with international safety standards of the European Union Thanks to our know-how and the long-term cooperation with universities and research institutes as well as to our continuous investing in development and modernization of equipment, we have become a supplier to some of the most demanding clients in the world.

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